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Get your domestic and overseas team setup with the right phone numbers to better their selling outcomes!

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Many admins prefer to make sure their reps are fully set up before they begin using Groove. That includes ensuring they have a phone number before starting to use Omnidialer. Currently, users can set up their own phone number for US and Canada based numbers. But there is a process that has to be followed for acquiring an international phone number.

Many of our customers have reps that reside in different countries around the world. But when it comes to setting them up with international phone numbers, we know that it can sometimes be a challenge. Groove wants to make your life easier by allowing Admins to purchase and/or assign International phone numbers all within Groove’s Manage My Org page.

Purchase Phone Numbers

Before you can assign a phone number you have to ensure that you have available numbers to assign for your org. You will have to purchase the phone numbers before assigning them.

Purchasing US/Canadian Phone Numbers

  • Bulk select numbers you want to purchase

  • Search for an area code for numbers in the state you hope to purchase for

  • Filter based on capability - in some cases you may want to allow your users to use their numbers for SMS

Purchasing International Phone Numbers

How does it work?

Groove's 3rd party integration with Twilio is what allows us to bring the process of purchasing and assigning international numbers to you. To use phone numbers compliantly in many countries of the world, Twilio must adhere to the local country regulations. This means that Groove Customers will often have to provide adequate identity documentation to the local regulator or carrier in order to purchase and use these phone numbers.

When purchasing and assigning your Users and International Number you will have to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Create a Regulatory Bundle for the country you would like to buy the phone number from and the phone type. (i.e A toll-free country from France). If there has already been a Bundle created for the country and phone type, you can skip the step! Keep in mind the cost and type of numbers in each country will vary.

Before purchasing an International Number you have to create a Regulatory Bundle for the country you wish to buy the number from. Note that you only have to create one bundle per country and phone number capability type. If you have further questions on regulatory bundles please refer to Twilio's Phone Number Regulatory FAQ article.

How do you create a Regulatory Bundle?

  1. Go to the Purchase International Numbers page found in Manage My Org here, and click "Create a Regulatory Bundle".

  2. Search and Select the country you wish to purchase a number for. Choose the phone number type you would like to buy (the prices will vary). Sometimes Twilio only provides you with certain phone number types, and we want to make sure you understand what you are paying for.

  3. Fill out Business Information required for the country.

  4. Some countries will require certain identification documentation. For those countries you will have to upload the required documents and fill out the required information in order to create the Bundle. Please be warned that if you leave the page, any files that have been uploaded will not be saved and you will need to redo the process.

  5. Click "Create Bundle" and return to the page to see the status of your bundle.

  6. Once your bundle has been approved, you may purchase multiple numbers for that country.

Step 2: Purchase Phone Numbers. In some cases numbers in the country you would like to purchase for, will not be available.

You can purchase numbers from a country if you have an approved Regulatory Bundle created for that country. Ex. if you want to purchase phone numbers from the Netherlands, you should have an approved Regulatory Bundle created for the Netherlands. You can buy many phone numbers from a single country per bundle.

Each country has different regulations regarding the purchase and sale of telephone numbers, so Twilio is not able to provide a timeline on when numbers in a specific country will be available. Refer to the Twilio International Phone Number Article to figure out which numbers and their capabilities are available.

Assigning Phone Numbers

You can assign individual numbers or bulk assign a group of numbers to a group of users.

Select People

  • Filter by a team before selecting users

  • Search for a specific user

  • Filter based on users who do not have any numbers assigned

Phone Numbers

  • Filter based on the country you want to assign the numbers from

  • Search for specific area codes or country codes to quickly find the numbers you want to assign


  • You will notice that the assignments column will be populated as you select numbers and people to assign those numbers to. You can remove the number from the person by clicking the red minus button

  • Click the "Assign Phone Numbers" button to officially assign the numbers to your users.

  • WARNING: If you assign a number to a user who already has a number, the previous number that was assigned will be lost from your organization. We don't have a way of retrieving that number.

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