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Use the Groove People Page to get a high-level overview of your communication efforts with prospects and customers.

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The People Page in Groove is your one stop shop to getting a birds eye view on your communication efforts with individual prospects and customers. Check out how much effort you are putting in to reach out to these people and how engaged they are from your efforts!


Who Show's Up on the People Page?

The people that can be viewed on this page are contacts or leads who you have interacted with using Groove! This includes the following methods of interaction:

  • If Groove has tracked an email you've sent to the contact or lead

  • If you have logged any emails via Groove to Salesforce for that contact or lead

  • If you have made any calls via the Groove Dialer to that contact or lead

  • If you have executed any Flow steps with that contact or lead


What Insights Can I Find on the People Page?

  • Flows - quickly view how many Flows that person has been involved in so you can determine if this person is getting too much or too little communication. This number will include the number of Flows that the person has been added to by other people in your organization! 

  • Calls - find out how many times you or your teammates have reached out to the person, and evaluate if you should give them a call again.

  • O/C/R - find out how engaged by they are by checking out how many times they have opened, clicked or even replied to you and your teammates emails!

  • Last Touch - when was the last time you communicated with this person? Has it been a while? Check out the last time you "touched" or communicated with a person through Groove!

  • Last Engagement - evaluate the last time that person reacted to your email or calls. 

  • Effort/Engagement - a visual of your effort vs. engagement with that person.

  • Omnibar via People Page: Notice your handy dandy Omnibar pops out when you click on any Person on the people page! Quickly access the activity history for all calls, emails and meetings booked with the person. Or check out their LinkedIn profile with the LinkedIn SalesNav integration.


Hotlist People!

Who's the most interested in talking to you? Hotlist your top contacts and leads in the people page so you can remind yourself who you need to pay more attention to. Find your hotlisted people in the "My Hotlist" tab.

Advanced Search

Narrow down your list by adding an advanced search or filter to the page so you can drill down on specific people you are targeting. 

  1. Click the "Advanced Search" button

  2. Click on "Add Another Filter"  and choose an option a criteria and fill in the blank! 

  3. Go ahead and add as many filters as you please to really get to the contacts you want to see.

  4. At the bottom of the panel click on "Save Search" to name and save your search so you can easily use it for next time!

  5. You can remove the filter that you applied by clicking the 'x' next to the filter name at the top left of the page.

Tips and Tricks

  • Filter by "Account Name" to better your account based sales strategy and evaluate your communication with people from that account.

  • Filter base on "Last Touched Date" so you can make sure you are continuing to reach out to people who you haven't contacted in a while.

  • Filter by "Engagement Score" to narrow down who is responding to your communication. What industry are they in? What is their role? What is your sweet spot?

  • Drill down on the people you are "Active in a Flow" to see how they are engaging with you.



This feature is a great way to quickly Add People to Flows or Remove Them From All Flows. If you notice a contact who has not been reached out to in a while, add them to a Flow so you can reach out to them again. Or say you notice that you have constantly been reaching out to a contact for months now and they have not opened any of your emails, go ahead and remove them from all Flows since it doesn't seem like they will be the right fit.

You can also Permanently Erase anyone on your People Page if they are not relevant to you moving forward. But be aware they will not show up on your list again!


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