Account managers and CSM’s are often asked to manage hundreds of accounts simultaneously and recurring revenue can suffer if accounts aren’t managed effectively. Groove helps AM’s and CSM’s manage high volumes of accounts with ease through the smart application of automated workflows, advanced activity capture, and scheduling features. Groove helps ensure that account hand-offs are seamless and that every customer feels like they’re getting a highly-responsive, VIP treatment from day one.

Join us and learn how The Groove Team uses Groove to help our Customer Success Managers delight customers, retain revenue and drive expansion opportunities. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Automate time-consuming tasks related to managing your book of business, so you can spend more time building relationships and nurturing accounts
  • Leverage easy to use tools to help you truly understand your customers to create a successful onboarding and ongoing education experience across the account
  • Proactively engage customers on a monthly basis using regular flows that communicate new product releases and company news. Manage account health by building automated flows based on NPS score or other KPI’s
  • Collaborate with your manager and other teams on account expansion strategies after you have delivered true value

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