You can search, insert, or replace templates in Actions with a few clicks to personalize your emails for maximum engagement. With templates in actions, you can also create snippets of texts or images which you can then utilize to craft your emails. Whether you are using templates to completely personalize your email, or to insert additional information, Templates in Actions makes it easy for you and your team to standardize communication throughout your organization.

Example Templates you can insert into your emails:

  • Your own personal introduction to add in your emails

  • Competitive differentiators or battle cards for outbound prospecting

  • New features you would like recap in your product

  • Case studies, customer stories, blog posts

  • Additional help content or useful links for resources

You can create various types of templates here to use in your Actions. Templates in Actions is only supported for Email templates and Email Actions.


When you go to execute your emails in Actions, you can click on the template icon to search and find templates you may want to add or replace for your email. This is also available in Gmail and Salesforce when you execute Actions.

Replacing a Template

To replace a template, click on the template icon and search for a template you want to replace your current template with. You can preview the template on the right hand side and expand the view if needed using the expand icon in the top right corner.

Replacing the template will update the subject line of your email to the new template and completely replace the body of the email with the new template body.

Inserting a Template

To insert a template, click on the template icon and search for a template you want to insert to your current email. The template will be inserted where your cursor is located within the email.


Best Practices

  • You can utilize merge fields when creating your templates to add more personalization

  • Combine templates to build new content, or expand current content useful for your audience

  • Use descriptive titles to describe your templates to make it easier to find


Templates in Actions Permissions

Templates in Actions feature is by default disabled for Master Flow actions. When this setting is enabled, it will disable the Templates in Action feature when we detect the action is part of a Master Flow.

To enable Templates in Actions, you can enable the toggle in Manage My Org (MMO) > My Org > Templates In Actions,

If you do not have access to Manage My Org (MMO), contact your admin for to enable this feature for your organization.


Templates in Actions for A/B Testing Steps

Templates in Actions is available for A/B testing steps. You can click on the template icon and it will display all the templates available for the A/B testing step. You can only select between the templates that have been pre-selected as A/B testing step templates.


Template Analytics

Replacing A Template

  • When replacing a template, the new template you replaced with, will have the clicks, opens, and replies associated in Template Analytics

  • The Salesforce field for template used for when the email is logged in SFDC will be updated with the template used in that email (ex: if you update the email to use template B instead of template A then template B is what will be logged in SFDC)

Inserting Template

  • Template inserts are not tracked on the template level, instead your email personalization score will increase if you utilize more template inserts

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