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[Webinar] Master Class Series: Sales Development Representatives
[Webinar] Master Class Series: Sales Development Representatives

July 29th, 2020

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Sales Development Representatives are the lifeblood of every revenue organization. They are the key to driving consistent, repeatable revenue for any high-growth organization. Groove gives sales development representatives super powers, by enabling them to prospect into organizations in your ICP quickly and effectively at scale.

In this Master Class you will learn best practices that our team has gleaned from working with 50,000 users, including:

  • Collaborating on account lists to drive more high-quality opportunities and expand within accounts

  • Researching accounts and prospects in LinkedIn, ZoomInfo and Salesforce before dropping into Flows

  • Best practices for mass prospecting, using personalization in 1:1 prospecting and increasing response rates with Flows

  • Saving time cold calling and having more impactful conversations with Groove Dialer

  • Accelerating Inbound lead response times and increase percentage of meetings booked

  • Using analytics to understand what messaging and channels are most effective and how to drive optimal conversion

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