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[Webinar]: Master Class Series: Revenue and Sales Operations
[Webinar]: Master Class Series: Revenue and Sales Operations

September 2nd, 2020

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Revenue and Sales Operations professionals fill critical roles on a revenue team, serving as the quarterback for different teams and divisions. In this master class, we’ll show you how to leverage Groove to build a powerhouse revenue operations function, streamlining operations and driving revenue to the next level through advanced automation. Learn best practices, tips, and tricks that Groove has gleaned from over four years of working with 50,000+ users.

  • Save Administrative Time - Automatically leverage the work you’ve already done in Salesforce to create and configure users in Groove.

  • Customize by Role, Team, or Division - Configure different Groove Omnibar Views, Calendar Fields, Scheduler Meeting Types, and more so users only see what’s important for their specific role, team, or division.

  • Advanced Automations - Auto-log Dialer conversation outcomes, automate off of "Account Inferred Status," and enable personalization at scale to dramatically accelerate team productivity and effectiveness.

  • Groove Insights (Beta) - Get a first look at Groove’s new custom reporting package that will enable you to track Activities by Type and/or Outcome, Flow performance, Template performance, Opportunities by Stage, Key Contacts, Leads, etc.

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