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Transfer Flow ownership from user to another user

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Occasionally transferring flows, prospects, or changing ownership from one user to another user is necessary to ensure an efficient and effective workflow. A common example of this is when a user leaves the organization, and existing flows and active prospects need to be transferred to another user to assume those workflows.

With Flows Transfer, admins can transfer Flows ownership from one user to another user. You can find this tool located in your Settings under Flow Options.


Only Admins will have access to Flows Transfer.

Flows Transfer

When transferring flows from one user to another, the following will be transferred during the process:

When selecting Individual and Master Flows owned by User

  • Ownership of Flows the user owned (this includes any active people currently in that Flow, completed people will still belong to original user and will not be transferred over)

  • Ownership of Templates the user owned used in those Flows

  • Active people in that Flow (completed people will remain with the original owner of those steps)

When selecting Master Flows not owned by User

  • Active people in shared Flows

Other users that have access to transferred Flows, Folders, and Templates will not be affected by Flows Transfer and will retain the same access.

Active People in the Flows

When transferring flows with active people in them, Groove will also transfer those people to the exact step they were in within the original user's flow.


How to Transfer Flows

  1. Go to Settings > Flows Transfer

  2. Select Current User you would like to transfer Flows from (you can search for deactivated users)

  3. Select New User you would like to transfer Flows to

  4. Use the filters to help search for which Flows you would like transfer

  5. Select Flows to transfer and Transfer Flows.

In the dropdown you can select ALL to select all Flows.

Next to the Flow name we also include if the flow is a Master Flow and the number of currently active people the FROM user has in the flow:

Flow name | Master Flow (only applies to master flows) | # Active People the FROM user has in the flow

Once you've selected the flows to transfer, Hit Transfer Flows and confirm the transfer.

Once transfer has been complete, you will see a success modal with a list of flows that have been transferred indicating the transfer has been completed

New user will receive an email containing a list of new flows they have received and a list of the active people in those flows in a CSV file. The admin who initiated the transfer will also be cc'd in the email.


Searching for Flows Transfer Activity

You can search for the Transfer Flow activity in the Activity Log located in MMO.

  1. Use the Filter on the top right of the page to select Flows Transfer as an activity to filter the table or use the search to search for a specific keyword.

  2. Click on Details, to view the list of Flows Transferred during that activity.


Why you might use Flows Transfer?

  1. Transferring Ownership of Flows from one user to another user if there has been a transition in role/ownership

  2. Transferring "People" (contacts/leads active in a Flow) from one user to another user shared on a Master Flow ( for contacts/leads active in a Master flow assigned to a user, you can transfer these contacts/leads to another user without affecting the entire Master Flow

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