You may notice that your Flow is displaying an icon next to a Flow participant's name, but you're not sure what it means. Below is the list of what alerts can appear in your Flows, what they mean, and what you can do to resolve.

"Add People" page alerts

When adding a group of people into a Flow via the 'Add People' page (information on adding people to Flows can be found here and here) the below symbols may appear next to the name of a User:

Email Opt-Out: This participant has chosen to opt out of email communication from Groove by selecting the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of an email. (Groove uses the standard "Email Opt Out" Salesforce field to keep track of users who have unsubscribed. To resubscribe a user, simply access Salesforce and un-check this field)

In Another Flow: This participant is currently active in another Flow. This Flow could either be owned by you, or it could exist in another Groove user's profile. This alert should be accompanied by a list detailing the names of the Flows this participant is currently in.

Duplicated Email: This participant's email can be found elsewhere in the list uploaded. You may want to check the list to prevent adding this record to the Flow twice, and doubling the emails sent out to this recipient.

Already Added: This participant is already in this Flow, or has already completed this Flow. Check this participant to avoid sending them the same messaging that you have already sent.

Flow Step Execution Page Alerts

When executing Flow steps in Groove, you will be redirected to a page listing the participants currently due for that step, where you can execute that action. Here are some alerts that can appear next to contacts when sending those actions out:

Participant Replied: This Flow participant replied to the last email step in this Flow.

Email Opened: This Flow participant opened the last email in this Flow.

Link Clicked: This Flow participant clicked a link in the previous email in this Flow.

Salesforce Activities: There are Activities for this participant in Salesforce.

EU Resident: Groove has detected that this Flow participant may be an EU resident, and therefore compliance regulations might apply.

Email Opt Out: This participant has opted out of email communication.

Unmerged Fields: There are merge fields in the message being sent that are not filled in for this participant. You must fill these fields out or replace them before sending out the message. (More information on merge fields here)

Meeting Booked: A meeting has been booked with this participant

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