Email Open Tracking

Know when and where your customers open your emails

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Track your first email

You can start tracking your first email by checking the 'Track' button in the bottom left of your Gmail Compose window.

Once you’ve started tracking an email, you’ll see notifications related to those email opens come through in the Notifications section of your Groove extension:

Here is where you’ll see a timestamp of when the email was opened, where it was opened, as well as whether or not the email was opened on a desktop or mobile.

Automatically track emails

To ensure that you never miss out on important email engagement analytics, you can track all of your outbound emails by default by following the steps below:

1. Click your Groove extension in the upper right and select the Settings icon.

2. Check 'Track emails by default' and press 'Save and Close.'

Moving forward, you’ll now see that the Track box in your compose bar will already be checked whenever you go to write a new message.

Silence Notifications

You can silence all notifications by clicking on the bell icon from the groove extension.

You can silence individual email thread notifications by clicking on Mute Notifications under the “Activity Feed” on the homepage of the GrooveApp.

View a List of Unopened Emails

You are able to view a list of unopened emails from a couple of different places. The first is through the extension. You can do this by selecting “Unopened” from the drop down menu.

The second is through the “Activity Feed” on the homepage of the GrooveApp. You can do this by selecting “Unopened” from the drop down menu.

What happens when you’re sending an email to multiple recipients

You can also track emails that have been sent to multiple recipients. When tracking an email to multiple people, opens, clicks, and replies will be reported as below:

All notifications from a group email will label the participant as ‘Someone’. This anonymous identification convention is standard throughout most secure email open tracking tools.

Prevent certain email addresses from being tracked

If you don’t want all emails being tracked, you can apply an email blocklist to prevent specific emails from triggering tracking notifications (e.g. coworker/internal emails). This can be configured by your Groove admin by following the directions in this article from our help center!

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