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[Webinar] Master Class Series: SDR Managers
[Webinar] Master Class Series: SDR Managers

October 21st, 2020

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Building a world-class sales development team requires a firm grasp on the fundamentals of prospecting, an openness to test and learn and the ability to personalize communications at scale. This Master Class will show SDR Leaders best practices for building a team that leverages learnings from across the organization and consistently crushes their pipeline targets. Groove’s SDR Leader, Patrick Jeter, will share his expert tips and tricks for:

  • Managing SDR turn-over and onboarding new reps without a dip in performance

  • Equipping the team for success with the latest best practices and winning personalization strategies

  • Optimizing SDR performance using A/B testing and automation

  • Streamlining your organizations' collaboration with AE’s and other teams to align workflows and accelerate top-of-funnel pipeline growth

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