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Flow steps and tasks prioritization
Flow steps and tasks prioritization

Assign priority to steps and tasks to stay on top of your workflow.

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When it comes to Flows, certain steps or workflows may be more important than others. Keep track of key actions and drive your results by focusing on what matters. With Flows priority, assign a priority level to Flow steps, and sort your workflow based on the priority level.

Groove offers the following priority levels:

  • High

  • Medium

  • Low

By default, all Flow Steps are assigned a Medium Priority.

Step priority can be set at the Flow level on any manual step (mail, call, generic tasks). You’ll see the step priority on the create/edit step modal on the upper right corner. When a customer/prospect is active in the step, a step will be generated and tagged with the priority that was selected when the step was created.

**Note: You can set a priority level for Auto Send Steps. This will allow you to sort auto-send steps in your Actions page by priority. Priority Level assigned to Auto Send steps will not execute the step based on its priority.

Task priority can also be applied when creating a single task in Spaces.

In Actions, you can easily view all your due and upcoming Flow steps and tasks with the priority levels. You can use the filters to sort the actions by their priority level.


  • You can use priority levels to highlight a high priority step within your highest performing Flow to help you and your team stay organized with your workflow and increase the chances of engagement from your customers/prospects.

  • Make your first and last tasks in your Flow a high priority task so that you can continue to engage prospects/customers and stay on top of following up.

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