With Groove's Salesforce Campaign capabilities, take advantage of all the ROI features of Salesforce Campaigns, right within Groove. For each Flow you create in Groove, you can create a Campaign in Salesforce which will mirror the Flow and all the people you add as campaign members.

Getting Set Up with Campaigns:

Creating a Salesforce Campaign requires extra permission in Salesforce. In order to grant a Salesforce user these permission, follow these steps:

  1. Setup > Manage Users

  2. Find the user in the list and click Edit

  3. On the user details page, enable the option "Marketing User"

  4. Click Save

Notice that you might have exceeded the number of Marketing User feature licenses in your org, so the checkbox might be grayed out.

Enhanced ROI Reporting

When you mirror a Flow to a Campaign, you can view all the relevant ROI statistics within Flow Analytics. For instance, if you add leads to a prospecting Flow and some leads converts to an opportunity and some opportunities close, you can later report on the effectiveness of the Flow by looking at the ROI stats right within Groove.

The statistics that are available will be:

  • Converted leads in Campaign

  • Opportunities in Campaign

  • Value Opportunities in Campaign

  • Won Opportunities in Campaign

  • Value Won Opportunities in Campaign

How to view Campaign Statistics:

  • Once you reach Flow Analytics, click on the 'Show Campaign Statistics' toggle and you will be able to see all the ROI statistics for Flows that are associated to a campaign

Creating a Campaign with a Flow

There are 2 different ways to create a Campaign associated with a Flow.

On the Flow Creation Page:

On the Flow Homepage:

Important things to Note:

  • Only 1 Flow can be associated to a Campaign

  • The Campaign will be created with the same name as the Flow

  • People will be added as Campaign Members after they are executed in their first step in the Flow, and will be given the status of 'Sent'

How to tell if a Flow is linked to a Campaign:

If a Flow is associated with a Campaign, you will see a button that says 'Linked Campaign' in the Flow homepage and that will take you directly to the Campaign in Salesforce

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