Using a Salesforce Service Account

Learn how to use a Salesforce Service Account to power Groove features.

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What is a Salesforce Service Account?

A Salesforce Service Account is an Admin account used to power Groove features that need reliable access to all required permissions and data.

The Service Account helps power features such as:

  • Domain Wide Enablement (Email and Calendar Sync)

  • Direct Import

  • Automated Actions

  • Salesforce Field Updates

  • Auto Contact Capture

We recommend that your Salesforce Service account is not necessarily a specific person, but an account used for credentials.

Setup your Salesforce Service Account

  1. Navigate to the My Org section of Manage My Org

  2. We recommend to use a dedicated account with the user name groove@<yourdomain> rather than the account of a real user in order to avoid confusion. In any case this account must have System admin privileges.

  3. Click on Connect Service Account (Make sure you are not currently signed into Salesforce in another tab)

  4. Sign in to your dedicated account

  5. IMPORTANT: it is vital for Groove sync that this account remains activated and its connected apps permissions remain active. If you disable this account or revoke permissions to Groove for this account, email and calendar sync will be broken for all of your users.

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