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Expand Revenue Intelligence Capabilities with Auto Contact Capture

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What is Auto Contact Capture?

When working a deal, there are many different stakeholders involved. Reps get introduced to new people as the deal progresses and not all of those contacts may exist in Salesforce. Auto Contact Capture is a feature that enables users to automatically add new contacts that are cc’d on emails or added to meetings as contacts in Salesforce, providing revenue teams with a more complete picture of the buying committee.

With this feature, businesses can quickly understand who is involved in each and every sales opportunity, as well as the level of engagement with each contact. This ensures that every contact involved in the buying process receives a consistent, timely, and relevant experience from their first engagement.

Save Time: Reps can spend their time building relationships with the right contacts instead of manually creating contacts or adding activity to Salesforce.

Complete Visibility: Revenue teams have a complete picture of deals and a deeper understanding of account health. With Auto Contact Capture, all relevant business contacts and their activity are tracked and logged back to the account in Salesforce so revenue leaders and their reps know who is involved in their deals and the level of engagement needed with contact.

Increase rep efficiency: Ensure that every contact involved in the buying process receives a consistent, timely, and relevant experience from their first engagement. Understand the necessary level of rep engagement with key stakeholders to help deals move faster through the pipeline.

How does Auto Contact Capture work?

Auto Contact Capture will automatically identify new business contacts by recognizing if a new person is on an email or meeting and has a domain that matches an Account in Salesforce.

If the domain matches, then Auto Contact Capture will check to see if the user is either the Account owner or part of the Account team. If either of those is true, Groove will create the contact in Salesforce as part of that Account.

Once created, Groove’s activity capture will log all relevant activity for that contact and attach it to the relevant account, providing reps and managers with a complete picture of their target accounts.

Setting Up Auto Contact Capture (Admins):

  1. The minimum Managed Package Version required for Auto Contact Capture is version 9.85, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get this updated.

  2. Enable the Multiple Contacts on Tasks and Events setting in Salesforce (this allows activities to be updated with newly captured Contacts)

  3. Make sure Account Status Detection is enabled in your Groove org and is mapped to the 'Inferred Status' field

  4. Enable Auto Contact Capture via Profile Settings in Managed My Org

  5. Once a profile has Auto Contact Capture enabled, they will need to have Background Email and Calendar Sync active, as well as 'create' access on the Contact object in Salesforce.

What does Auto Contact Capture fill out when a Contact is captured?

  1. Email

  2. Account Name

  3. Contact Name

    • We will attempt to parse the name and separate it into first and last as correctly as we can. If we cannot find the name, we will place the email address into the last name field as that is the required field from Salesforce.

    • The Last Name field will always be populated

    • If the name is available, we will parse out the first part of the name (prior to the first space) into the First Name and the rest will be the Last Name.

  4. 'Is Created by Groove' field will be marked as true

Populating any additional fields will require additional configuration within Salesforce.

Activity Association:

  1. Event with existing Contact

    • The event will be updated with the newly created Contact

  2. Event with only new Contact

    • The event will be created after the Contact is created

  3. An email with existing Contact

    • The email will be updated with newly created Contact

  4. An email with only new Contact

    • The email will be created after the Contact is created

Avoidance of Emails not relevant:

What does Auto Contact Capture NOT do?

  1. Leads will not be created

  2. Accounts will not be created

  3. If the user does not have create access for Contacts, Auto Contact Capture will not create Contacts

  4. If the user is not the owner of the Account or part of the Account team, Auto Contact Capture will not create a Contact

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