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Communicate with your prospects and clients in your primary language via Groove

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Groove supports the use of different languages in all areas of the platform. In addition to supporting the use of different languages in the Groove Web app, Templates, Flows, and Omnibar, Groove also offers dynamic language support in Groove Scheduler. Groove enables every sales rep to reach out to the right people using their preferred language, providing a deeper, more meaningful level of personalization with every engagement.

Groove Dynamic Language Support in Scheduler

Groove offers dynamic language support in Scheduler. If your contact or lead has one of 11 supported languages as their primary language in their browser settings, the Scheduler will automatically show the contact and meeting times in their primary language.

Supported Languages for Groove Scheduler

  1. English

  2. French

  3. Spanish

  4. German

  5. Italian

  6. Portuguese

  7. Chinese

  8. Javanese

  9. Japanese

  10. Korean

  11. Hindi

Supported Languages for Groove Web App, Flows, and Templates

The Groove Web app UI is only available in English. While localized versions of the UI are not currently available, Groove fully supports the use of different languages in content input fields throughout the Web app, Flows, and Templates.

For example, if a sales team is divided into regions and one of the teams is engaging with prospects in China, the sales team can create Flows and Templates in Chinese so that each engagement through Groove is in the prospect’s preferred language.

Supported Languages for Groove Omnibar

Because Groove is native to Salesforce, any language that is set for the organization or end users in Salesforce will also reflect on any of the Salesforce fields visible in the Groove Omnibar. Check out the list of supported languages in Salesforce.

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