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Instantly connect the right reps to the right contacts and leads

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Groove Flows allow you to import leads and contacts to another user's Flows on their behalf. Drive better outcomes and make sure opportunities don’t fall through the cracks by ensuring every lead or contact is engaging with the right rep in the moment that matters most.

Note: Everyone you add to a Flow must already be a contact or lead in Salesforce.

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Access to Manage People

To enable the Assign Flow recipients feature for your organization, Go to MMO > Flow Settings > Manage People and select the roles that can assign flow recipients.

Users with the roles that have been enabled will be able to add to other users' flows on their behalf.

Assign Flow Recipients - Individual Flows

For Individual Flows, users can add to another user's individual flow and assign flow recipients to the owner of the flow since for individual flows only the flow owner can execute actions. To import and assign people in another user's individual flow, you will need access to their flow (the flow must be shared with you).

Select the flow you want and click on Add People to add and assign recipients to the user's flow.

Clicking on Add People, will take you to the import page where you can search and select the contacts/leads you wish to add and the option to assign them to the flow owner.

Once selected, click Add X People to import them into the flow. This will direct you back to the Flow page and you will see a toast message on the bottom of the page that indicates success. The Flow owner can then see people added to their flow from their view.

Assign Flow Recipients - Master Flows

For Master Flows, users can add to a Master Flow that has been shared to them and they can assign recipients to anyone that has access to the Master Flow to add people.

Select the Master Flow you wish to import and assign recipients and go to Add People.

This will then take you to the import page to add people. The dropdown will initially default to current user or flow owner depending on access and you can choose which user you would like to assign the people to in the flow. For users to appear in the dropdown, they must have access to the Master Flow to add people so they can execute actions.

Once added, this will direct you back to the Flow page and you will see a toast message on the bottom of the page that indicates success. You can view the people added by going to the People Tab. Make sure to uncheck to My People to view people managed by others.

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