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Groove OmniDialer Everywhere

Groove's Dialer works from anywhere increasing rep efficiency and boosting call-volume

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In this article you will learn about all the places where you can use the OmniDialer to make more calls and close more deals. Learn how to use:

  1. OmniDialer in Groove

  2. OmniDialer from your Email

  3. Click to Call from Salesforce

  4. Click to Call from any Webpage

OmniDialer in Groove

Effectively make hundreds of calls while working out of Flows and Actions via the OmniDialer. This is great way to make a bulk calls while working a call block. Work through a call Flow step or call actions from the Actions page and see your OmniDialer automatically pull up the contact or lead without having to do any copying and pasting. Note that the default phone number that will populate, will be the main phone field in Salesforce.

Tip: Block off some time on your calendar and filter your actions page by "calls" so that you can quickly knock out a call block in one go. You can even sort by timezone so that you are catching people at the right time in their day.

Edit Phone Numbers right from the Omnidialer that edit the Phone Number Fields in Salesforce in Real Time.

It is very common that when a rep is making cold calls they have a bad number for the contact or lead they are calling. When you are calling out of Flows/Actions and you want to update the number in your phone while persisting the Action, you can delete the number without removing the Action from the Omnidialer screen. When you add a new number in there it will update it to Salesforce in realtime.

You can also edit/update phone numbers straight from the drop down of numbers in Omnidialer. Editing these phone numbers here will update the phone number in the relevant SFDC field in real time.

OmniDialer in your Email

The OmniBar is your assistant to using Salesforce that moves where ever you are working out of including your Gmail our Outlook email. Groove OmniDialer is just as easily accessible from your email by clicking to call directly from the Omnibar.

Click to Call from Salesforce

If you prefer working out of Salesforce you can click to call right from any:

  • Contact, Lead or Account Page

  • Contact, Lead or Account Reports

  • Contact or Lead List Views

Click to Call from Any Webpage

As a Sales rep or relationship manager you might be doing research on your clients from platforms like LinkedIn or ZoomInfo. With OmniDialer you can click to call from any webpage that has tel links and have it instantaneously populate.

To get OmniDialer setup for you and your team please reach out to

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