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Increase contact rate with local presence dialing in OmniDialer
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Reps today have discovered that dialing a prospect from an area code that is local to them increases the chances that they will pick up your phone call and it will not be marked as Spam. Use Groove's Local Dial feature to to make calls from a phone number that contains the same area code you're calling into, increasing your call connection rate!

How does it work?

Please make sure to connect with your Groove Admin or contact success@groove.co to get Local Dial configured for you.

  1. Toggle the Local Dial button on before placing your call

  2. Every Local Dial number used, is purchased by your Groove Admin. In some cases your organization might have one Local number per area.

  3. Once the call is placed, the recipient of your call will see your Caller ID appear with the same area code as the recipient's phone number. For example: If you are calling someone who lives in San Francisco and has a 415 number, and you turn Local Dial on, your Caller ID will appear as a 415 number as well!

In some very exciting cases, your prospect may call back the Local Number used for a certain location. In this case, the call will be routed to the last person who used that Local number.

For example: Mary called a prospect Daniel who lives in New York City and she used a Local Number with a 917 area code. Another Rep from Mary's org Stewart wanted to call Daniel as well, and he used the same 917 area code number. Now Daniel wants to call them back on the same number they used to call him. The call will now be directed to Stewart since he was the last person to use that 917 number to call Daniel.

To get OmniDialer enabled for you, please contact support@grooveapp.com

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