Groove OmniDialer Settings

Quickly find all your OmniDialer Settings in the Settings Tab

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You can find and update your OmniDialer settings by clicking on your profile icon at the top right of the dialer and clicking on "Settings".

  1. General Settings

  2. Audio Settings

  3. Phone Number Settings

General Settings

Personal Settings

  • Enable Instant Dial: Allows you to make calls with out lifting a finger! If you are dialing out of Salesforce or Groove Flows, you wont have to click the call button to initiate a call. Instead it will call through numbers instantly!

  • Mute Incoming Calls: Reps can “mute” inbound calls so that they can see who called and return their call at their convenience.
    -- If you have a call forwarding number set up, that will ring but your dialer will not ring.
    -- If you don't have call forwarding set up, you can check the call in your Recent Calls Tab in dialer.

    Note that this feature will mute all future inbound calls if the checkbox has been checked!

Update Your OmniDialer

Make sure that your OmniDialer is always up to date by clicking "Check For Updates". This will ensure you are having the smoothest experience you can with the dialer. (We will be automatically pushing a notification to update your Dialer once a week)

Audio Settings

Make sure that all your Audio devices are set in order for the OmniDialer to work.

Input Device - Is which device you will listen to calls from i.e your computer or headphones

Speaker Device - is where you speak into in order for the other party to hear you i.e your computer or speaker on your headphones

Phone Number Settings

Groove Number

Everyone is required to have a Groove number. You can easily choose a number from any area code in the US or Canada. If you wish to provision a phone number outside the US or Canada please contact your Groove Admin or to get it provisioned for you.

In some cases your area code will be out of supply. Since Groove pulls phone numbers from our 3rd party provider Twilio, we will need to reach out to them to order more numbers in that area code. Please reach out to to initiate this process.

Caller ID

Your Caller ID will automatically be set to your Groove Number by default. If you would prefer to set your Caller ID to desk phone or your cellphone, please click "Verify a Number" in order to change your Caller ID to that number.

Bridge Dial Number

If you are wanting to take calls from your Desk Phone or Cell Phone, then Bridge Dialing is the way to go!

With this enabled, all calls made through your dialer will first ring your phone, which you can answer, and then it will dial out to the person you originally called. These calls will show your prospect the number that you've set in the Caller ID. Your Bridge number will match your Verified number if you have one; if not, you can enter a different phone number.

Call Forwarding Number

This is the number that you can have inbound calls forwarded to. For example, if someone calls your Groove Dialer number back, and you're not on your computer to receive the call, it will be forwarded to your Forwarding Number to ensure you have a chance to take the call. Your Forwarding number will match your Verified number if you have one; if not, you can enter a different phone number.

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