Updating your Groove Chrome Extension

Update the Groove extension to make sure you have the latest and greatest

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In some cases, Groove releases updates to the Chrome extension, but on your own side, the changes do not propagate immediately. The reason for this is that Google Chrome has a cache which (if it is not refreshed) will keep your Chrome in the same state until it does expire.

If you are expecting a bug fix or feature update that you're not seeing just yet, you can follow the instructions below to make sure your Groove extension is updated:

  1. Right click your Groove extension in the top right of your browser, and click "Manage extensions"

  2. Toggle your extension off, then back on

  3. Go to Gmail, and right click anywhere in the page. Then click Inspect

  4. Right-click on the refresh button at the top left of your browser, and choose the option "Empty cache and hard reload"

If you are still experiencing issues with your Chrome extension after updating, please reach out to support@groove.co

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