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A seller's workflow is never linear. At Groove, we want to make sure sellers can easily and efficiently execute their next action and automatically log that activity back to Salesforce, without having to leave their workflow.

OmniActions, enables Groove users to manage or execute any activity outside of their regular Flows and have that activity log automatically back to Salesforce in real-time, right from their Omnibar, wherever they are working.

With OmniActions, you can:

  • Execute a single action outside of a Flow, from wherever you are working (Calendar, Salesforce, Inbox, Web App)

  • View, execute, and assign all Actions from your Omnibar

  • Assign a task to another user to collaborate on deals

  • Gain a 360-degree view of prospects’ and customers’ lifecycle, from details and activity to actions

Flow Actions

Actions button right from your Omnibar

You can find your Actions list right inside Omnibar on the top header. Click on the play icon to pop up your global action list and select any action to execute on your list.

Executing an Action outside of a Flow from Omnibar

Where Omnibar is, is where your Actions are! Execute your actions straight from your inbox as you’re interacting with customers and prospects, your calendar as you’re following up on meetings, in Salesforce while checking on records, or right in the webapp.

Creating One Off Actions

You can create Actions found in your Flow as one off actions right from Omnibar. Click the + icon in the center of the header to create and select the action you want to create or click on the email or icon to create an email action or send an email right away.

Clicking on the New Action button will prompt a modal that will let you choose which Action you can create:

After selecting the Action, When creating Actions you can do a number of things:

  1. Assign those actions to your teammates

  2. Configure the Due Date of the Action

  3. Configure additional settings in the settings menu

Depending on the Action, additional options will vary. (Ex: Email Action will have the option to schedule send if you are choosing to execute action immediately)

In the settings menu, you can configure the following settings to save your Action

  • Due Date

  • Assignee (this will assign the action to another user and the action will appear in the Actions list)

  • Priority

  • Action Summary (this is a description of the action you can view when executing actions from the Webapp)

View Completed Actions

You can also view a list of your completed actions (flows, tasks, one off actions), check the logged Salesforce record, or filter your completed actions in the webapp by viewing the Executed Tab in Actions.


Where can I create Actions?

You can create Actions anywhere you can access Groove’s Omnibar (ex: Inbox, Calendar, Salesforce, Webapp)

What type of Actions can I create?

Currently you can create Email, Call, LinkedIn Connect and In-mail Request, and Sendoso. Additional Actions found in your Flows will be supported in the future.

Are Actions logged in Salesforce?

All your actions are logged in Salesforce and can be accessed by finding your complete action in the Executed Tab of your Actions page in Webapp and clicking on the blue link icon.

Where can I access my completed one off Actions?

In the Executed Tab of your Actions page in Webapp

Are Actions reflected in my Analytics?

Actions are automatically logged and reflected in your Activities Analytics. For emails and call actions, they will be reflected in the Emails, and Calls Analytics.

Who can I assign my Actions to?

Your assignee list will have team members that you share a team with.

Do my one off Actions count against my Flow Action Limit?

They do not count against your Flow Action Limit but sending an email through OmniActions will count towards your Email Send Limit.

Are OmniActions part of the new Omnibar?

Yes, OmniActions will only be accessible in the new Omnibar. If you are interested in joining the OmniActions beta, please let us know.

How do I go into the Salesforce record?

At the top of the Omnibar, click on the name and a Salesforce tab will open up. For activities, click on the subject line.

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