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What's New in Omnibar (2022)
What's New in Omnibar (2022)

Groove's new and improved Omnibar

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Check out a quick summary of the recent functionality updates made to the new Omnibar in its latest release!

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New Omnibar Features 2022

Reference or add notes to an opportunity in Omnibar

Previously, the Omnibar supported Notes for Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. Now, we have extended support to the Opportunity object, where you can jot down the key notes related to the Opportunity or the Account, so that you have all the information you need when emailing, calling, or preparing for a meeting with a prospect.

Validation Rules and Dependent Picklist

When viewing and updating Opportunities, it’s crucial to make sure the data is correct and follows the guidelines your Salesforce admins have set up. The new Omnibar supports dependent picklists, as well as validation rules.

When a Parent picklist is updated, the dependent picklists are highlighted so that you know which ones need to be filled out. Certain fields actually have validation rules applied to them, which require a second or third field to be filled out before you can save the record. For this, you can jump into “Edit Mode” where you can update as many fields as you’d like, then save the record. And don’t worry! If you accidentally forget a required field before saving, Groove will show you the error message your admins have set up in Salesforce, so you can correct the data and save it properly.

Recipient Drop-Down Menu

When you open an email or a calendar event, there is a new dropdown at the top for All Recipients, so that you can quickly switch between the different recipients in the thread.

Pro tip: Groove also shows you if any of the people in that thread are not yet in Salesforce, so that you can quickly add them on the spot.

Filtering on calendar events with meeting notes (G-Suite Users only)

With the new Omnibar, you can quickly filter by all events with meeting notes, alongside the rest of the activity types, so that you can review all the important aspects of a deal readily.

Related records optimization

If you’d like to see Salesforce records that are Related to the one you’re viewing, such as the contact’s account or opportunity, you can click on the Related Records dropdown. This tool is now separated from your overall search results dropdown up at the top for easier identification.

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