Connect to Zoom

  • Navigate to Manage My Org in Groove.

  • Find Groove Conversations.

  • Click the “Connect” to Zoom button.

    1. You will be directed to the Groove Conversations Zoom App installation page

    2. Approve the installation

    3. Upon Approval you will be redirected back into Manage My Org in Groove.

Confirm your Access Control

  • You have the ability to set access permissions for meeting recordings within your organization.

Set Your Keyword Tracking

  • Groove provides default categories that will be highlighted in your Conversation Analytics for easy call coaching and review.

  • Categories and keywords can be personalized to fit your organization.

Groove Tip: To provide a seamless Groove Conversations experience for your organization, we recommend enabling automatic call recording to the cloud in Zoom.

Assign Licenses

  • Navigate to managing your licenses in Manage My Org

  • Select the users you would like to have Groove Conversations licenses and save

    1. As soon as you save our selection, Groove conversations will be enabled for that user.

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