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Learn how to set up Groove Conversations

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Groove Conversations allows users to record and review Zoom meetings and OmniDialer calls from the Groove WebApp and Omnibar. In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Set up recording for your Organization

  2. Set Access Control for your Organization

  3. Set up Keyword Tracking

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Setting up Groove Conversations:

The first step in enabling Groove Conversations, is to make sure that your team has Groove Conversations licenses assigned. Only users who will be recording will need a license, users who are just listening do not need a license.

Connecting to Zoom:

To record Zoom meetings in Groove Conversations, you must connect your Groove organization to Zoom.

  1. Navigate to Manage My Org using the menu that appears after clicking on your avatar in the top right

  2. Scroll down to Groove Conversations

  3. Click the Zoom button to connect

  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to authorize Groove

Groove Tip: To provide a seamless Groove Conversations experience for your organization, we recommend enabling automatic call recording to the cloud in Zoom.

Note: In order to utilize Groove Conversations, you must have a Zoom Business, Education, or Enterprise level account. Additionally, transcriptions for Cloud Recordings must be enabled.

Setting up OmniDialer Recordings:

To record OmniDialer calls in Groove Conversations, you must make sure that your chosen users have both a Dialer License and Groove Conversations license.

Confirm Access Control

You have the ability to set access permissions for meeting recordings within your organization

Setting Keywords

  • Categories and keywords can be personalized to fit your organization

  • Create categories that are relevant for your organization

  • Keywords or phrases can be added just by typing and pressing enter

Additional Set-up Checklist

Turn ON Zoom auto-record settingsNeed Zoom admin permissions to turn on for their org, specific teams, and users

☐ Ensure that Shared Activities in Salesforce is enabled

☐ License Assignment — Done by Groove Admin in Manage My Org

☐ Keyword creation — Done by Groove Admin in Manage My Org

How to begin recording?


Groove user's do not need to take any action, as long as the application is installed in the account it will be active.

A few things to note:

  • Zoom recordings must be recorded to the cloud

  • The Groove user's email must match their email for their Zoom account


Groove user’s also do not need to take any action for OmniDialer recordings, as long as they have the correct licenses the recorded calls will be visible.

Things to note:

  • If utilizing Bridge Dial, Groove Conversations will not be able to separate out the speakers in the transcript and they will show up as ‘unknown’

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