If your Salesforce has IP restrictions enabled, then your Salesforce only permits logins from a specific list of IP addresses. In this case, your team will need to add Groove’s IPs to your Salesforce Login IPs in order for users to successfully log in through Salesforce when establishing their Groove connection. Without adding Groove’s IPs to your Salesforce Login IPs, users may be blocked at the Salesforce login stage of signing into Groove.

Groove's IP Addresses





Permissions Needed to Edit Login IPs in Salesforce

To edit and delete Login IP Ranges in Salesforce, the Manage Profiles and Permission Sets permissions are necessary.

Steps To Add the IPs to the Allowlist

Please follow the below steps in Salesforce to add Groove’s IP addresses to your team’s allowlist. Groove’s IP ranges will need to be added to the allowlist for all Salesforce Profiles to which Groove users are assigned. These steps are also found in this Salesforce developer guide.

  1. Click Setup

  2. In the Quick Find Box, search Profiles > Click Profiles

  3. Select the name of the Profile for which you want to edit the allowed IP ranges

  4. From the Profile Overview page, select Login IP Ranges

  5. Choose Add IP Ranges and enter Groove’s IP addresses

  6. Repeat steps 3–6 for any other Profiles, as necessary

The final configuration for Groove’s IP addresses should appear as the below for each on the Profiles for which this setup has been configured.

Please feel free to reach out to support@groove.co or your CSM if you have any additional questions around this configuration.

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