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How to customize your Flow settings
How to customize your Flow settings

Flow owners can customize settings within each flow to provide flexibility in each multi-touch workflow.

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Flow settings are now more organized and easier than ever to manage. With a one-click navigation bar, you can jump to the most important settings with your flow to make quick adjustments or view what might already be applicable.


  • Flow owners or users with edit access to the flow can view and adjust these settings.

  • Users of a shared flow can only view unless they've been explicitly granted edit rights.

Email and Phone Settings (In Beta) -

If this setting is turned on and available for your org then it will allow flow owners to set default contact information for a specific flow. The options shown for email and phone will be any field in Salesforce that is designated as type = email or type = phone. When a user goes to execute the action from the flow they will also be able to alternate between other available phone or email fields as needed. For more info on this feature please navigate to the full article on this setting.

Import and Activation

This section will house all settings that adjust how items are imported into the flow or activated in the flow via the queue.

  • Auto- Import People into the Flow

    Auto Import allows a flow owner to set up criteria within a Groove Saved Search or Salesforce Report to preselect which contacts or leads should be automatically imported into the flow. More Info

  • Activation Queue (in beta) - More Info

    Activation settings will help manage how many records are activated in a flow at a time. This is only able to be set on a flow-by-flow basis versus globally for all flows. There are a few different options available.

    • Off (default) - If the activation queue is turned off recipients are immediatly imported into the first step of the flow and are considered due and active.

  • Import Rules (in beta) - More Info

    Applying Flow Import Rules at the flow level can help you be more specific and granular in how you block contacts from entering a flow. For example, if you have a flow that is only for unworked leads you can set a rule at the flow level to block any leads where the Lead Status = Working.

  • Global Import Rules (in beta) - More Info

    This section shows which block import rules might be set at the org level and are applicable to all flows. These can only be adjusted by a User with Admin level permissions. Global Flow Import Rules can be found under Flow Settings in Manage My Org.

Automated Actions

Set automation rules for different sets of triggers that might occur in a flow. Things like "if someone books a meeting, then remove from the flow" or "On import to the flow, update the contact status to "working". Automated actions in this section will be only defined for the flow you're currently viewing. If any automation is set for all flows, those will be found in the Global Automated Actions section.

For more information on this setting please visit the full help article.

Global Automated Actions

Global automated actions are the same as regular automation except they are set by an admin and then applied to every active flow in the org. A user cannot update these from the flow itself. For help in adjusting, please reach out to an admin.

For more information on this setting please visit the full help article.

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