April '23 Release Notes
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New Architecture Release

WebApp migration to Monorepo

What is included in this migration?
The Webapp used to exist in the FEBES codebase. The entirety of the Webapp is being moved to a new codebase called the Monorepo. We also upgraded many of our backend libraries and language versions.

Why is this important to you?
Migrating the webapp to the monorepo helps us be more agile with future development by creating a more consolidated development workflow, providing an easier way to share code so that things don’t have to be recreated from scratch across different areas, and the ability to apply more modern frontend development best practices to the webapp.In plain english - it helps us provide a better foundation to ship more stable, reliable and high quality code with less chance of regression. No current functionality changed with this specific release.

New Platform Release

Twilio SDK Upgrade in Omnidialer

Why is this important to you?
With the new SDK upgrade, we hope to see an overall improvement in calls dropping and call connecting issues (in theory).

How will it improve calls dropping?
The new SDK now fully supports Call reconnection. You will have the ability to reconnect a call even if the websocket is lost. This means that a call can potentially be recovered up to 30 seconds or in a network handover event, in which a user switches networks during a call.

What is an SDK?
SDK = Software Development Kit.
Twilio SDK is like a toolbox with pre-built tools and instructions that our engineering team can use to quickly add communication features to the Omnidialer without having to create those features from scratch.

New Feature Release

Tooltips in Outcomes

Outcomes now has tooltip descriptions for the summary cards and detail tables! Users will now be able to hover over the relevant metrics to see how they are calculated without needing to refer to the help center documentation

Flow History Tab

The Flow History tab was built in response to the feedback we received about users not understanding why someone was removed from a flow, or why someone failed to be removed from a flow due to an automated action.

What is included:

  • History tab was added to flows page

  • Show Successful Automated Actions

  • Show Failed Automated Actions

  • Provide error codes/detailed success messages

  • Filter for Date, Trigger = Event, and Action = Result

Sync Groove Licenses Based on User Status in Salesforce

For clients that manage their Groove users in Salesforce, this tool provides a way to ensure that our Groove apps have data consistent to that in Salesforce

This setting is for a process that runs on nightly basis and finds deactivated users in Salesforce. The process will update these users in Groove if they happen to still have licenses associated to them.

Async Export in Outcomes

Outcomes now has asynchronous export for all sections! Users will now be able to export CSV's to their email with up to 1 years worth of data, vs being limited to the last 90 days.

New Bug Fix Release

Inbound calls when using VM Box

Fixed an issue where inbound calls were not ringing on the dialer, but the VM was still received by the user.

AB Testing not equally distributing sends

where the AB testing templates in flows were not being evenly distributed when sending.

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