Admin Getting Started and Configuration
Getting Groove setup and customized for your sales organization
Getting the most out of your Groove Data in Salesforce
Groove IPs to Add to Your Org’s Salesforce Allowlist
Installing the Groove Managed Package
Additional Information and Settings
Enable API and Apex REST Services access in Salesforce
Automatically Assigning and Unassigning Groove Licenses using Process Builder
Automatically Assigning and Unassigning Groove Licenses using Flows
Create Custom Day Fields
Admin FAQs
Deploying Groove at Scale
Testing Groove in Your Sandbox
Salesforce API Limit Reached
How to Tell If Someone Is in a Groove Flow in SFDC
Changing the Email on your Groove Account
Ensuring Users Have Access to Call Type in Salesforce
Adding the Groove Homepage Component (SFDC Classic)
Shared Activities
Flows Transfer
Additional Information About Google Calendar Sync
Groove and Apex Unit Tests
Email Throttling
How Do I Configure Unresolved Items?
Configuring Shared Unresolved Items
Email Compliance and Groove Flows
Groove and GDPR Compliance
Uninstalling Groove