Sharing Flows

Groove has two modes for sharing flows.  The main option is to share for copying.  This allows teammates to share best practices.  This can be done by doing the following:

1. Click Details on the Flow you wish to share

2. Click the following:

3. Choose who you would like to share the Flow with and whether or not they should have edit access

Accessing shared Flows

Via link

After you've shared a Flow with someone, you can copy the URL of that Flow and share it with them via chat/email.

Via Groove

The people you share the Flows with will also be able to find all shared Flows when they click “Shared Flows” from the Flow homepage filter. 

Master Flows

As an Admin or Team Lead, you also have the option to create a Master Flow in the Advanced Sharing Settings.

This allows you to create one Flow that multiple people will use. This means if you update the messaging or steps, it will be updated for everyone instantly. These were designed so that you could standardize certain types of Flows.

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