When using Groove, your Salesforce account is connected to both your Groove account (web-application side, including your Flows), and your Groove extension (Gmail and SFDC features such as the Omnibar).

If you're looking to test Groove with a sandbox SFDC org, or if you need to switch which SFDC account Groove is connected to, you must reconnect both your Groove account, and your Groove extension to the other SFDC org.

Connecting with the Main Groove Web App

  1. Log out of all Salesforce tabs
  2. Go to your Groove Settings tab on the left
  3. Under Account Settings, click 'Disconnect' and follow the prompt to reconnect to SFDC

Switching the Salesforce Account Linked to your Groove Extension

In order for the extension to work properly, it must be connected to the same Salesforce account that the Groove app is connected to. Before following the process below, please ensure that you are logged out of all SFDC tabs first.

  1. Right click your Groove extension, and select "Options"
  2. At the bottom of the page, click "Logout", then Save and Close
  3. Refresh Gmail, then open up your Omnibar on the right hand side
  4. Click Login to Salesforce, or Login to Sandbox, depending on what Salesforce org you'd like to log into.

Alternative Method

In order to ensure Groove is connecting to the correct Salesforce organization please configure your setup URL by doing the following:

  1. Take the hostname of your Salesforce org. Examples are: https://na9.salesforce.com, https://acme-corp.my.salesforce.com
  2. Append this path to the hostname: /apex/DaScoopComposer__DaScoopLogin
  3. For the examples above this makes: https://na9.salesforce.com/apex/DaScoopComposer__DaScoopLogin, https://acme-corp.my.salesforce.com/apex/DaScoopComposer__DaScoopLogin
  4. Open the Groove Options page by right-clicking on the Groove symbol in the top right corner of your browser bar:

5. Copy/paste the URL above into the field "Salesforce Setup Page:"

6. Click Save & Close. Gmail and Google Calendar will refresh. This will configure Groove to connect you with this Salesforce org in the future.

7. Login to Groove again in Gmail. Your Groove extension will now be connected to the right Salesforce org.

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