Groove’s New & Improved Interface

Explore the many improvements and usability enhancements introduced in Groove's new web interface.

Written by Tom Stevenson
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Groove has switched all users to our new web interface. We’re excited for you to experience an even better Groove!

Below is a video and descriptions of the significant highlights to look out for in the new interface.

Home Page

See what Flow activities you have due for this week, and a live Activity Feed of which emails are currently being viewed, clicked, or replied to. This is a helpful way to stay on top of your campaigns and understand who is engaging with your communication!

Omnibar - Additional context, wherever you’re working

We’ve found that our users get the most engagement from their prospects if they take the time to personalize their communication. To help you do that, we’ve brought the Omnibar to the new interface. You can open that up on the right side while you’re working through your Flow, to see Salesforce data, Activity History, Notes and more information on the person or account you’re reaching out to.

Flows - Automated Actions

Use Automated Actions to streamline how you keep in touch with current or prospective customers, all while keeping Salesforce data accurate and organized. Choose a trigger that will automatically add someone to a Flow, remove someone from a Flow, update a Salesforce field, or create a Salesforce task.

Example Use Cases:

  • When a lead completes a prospecting Flow, move them to a nurture Flow and update their status in Salesforce to “contacted.”

  • When an email bounces, remove the person from the Flow and create a Salesforce task to find a new email address.

  • When a prospect opens your email a 3rd time, move them to a more targeted Flow.


Build relationships and stand out from the pack by leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Vidyard, directly within Groove! You can create LinkedIn steps in your Groove Flows to send connection requests and InMails.

You can also embed videos directly in your Groove templates, either by creating one from scratch or by uploading one from your computer. Instead of trying to cram all the most relevant details into a concise email, this integration gives you the freedom to supplement a short email with an introduction video, a quick product demo, or maybe a customer testimonial.

Enhanced Analytics

See more insight into how your Flows and Templates are resonating with your customers and prospects! With Open, Click, and Reply rates for Flows, Flow steps, and Templates, you can see which messaging and cadences are the most successful.

Note for Admins and Managers: to get the most out of Analytics, please create teams within Groove so that you can see your team’s performance.

How to Switch before December 1st

Click on the banner in the upper left of your screen to switch to the new interface.

We hope you enjoy using the new UI! Feel free to reach out to with any feedback or questions.

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