When you're writing emails or holding demos, it's very important to update Salesforce appropriately to make sure that the right information about the conversation, meeting, account, and opportunity are being updated.

To help with this process, Groove allows you to fill out Task/Event/Activity custom fields directly from a new email message or your calendar events.

*Admins: In order to configure additional fields for your team, go to Manage My Org > Profile Settings > Additional Fields for Email Logging/Additional Fields for Calendar Events

Outbound Emails:

For outbound emails, you can update your fields within the Groove taskpane before sending out the email. Make sure to "Send with Groove" so that Groove can populate your Salesforce data when logging the email.

Inbound/Existing Emails

For any email in your inbox, you can update your additional fields by using the "Search and Select" popup:

Creating/Editing Calendar Events

When creating or editing calendar events, you can update Salesforce fields from the Groove taskpane:

Viewing/Updating Existing Events

When viewing events, you can also update Salesforce fields from the Groove taskpane:

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