Omnibar for G-Suite

A quick guide to Omnibar in Gmail and Google Calendar

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This article describes how G-Suite users can use Omnibar within their inbox and calendar. Please view the Related Resources below for additional context and details.

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In Gmail, users can open or hover over any email or open a calendar event and automatically have the corresponding prospect's record appear in Omnibar if they exist in Salesforce. If no matching records are found, you can create a record right on the spot with the Omnibar by selecting the "+" symbol!

After updating with the corresponding record, Omnibar can also allow users to complete the following:

  1. Open related records to view accounts, opportunities, or custom objects that are related to the person that you're emailing.

  2. Show "All recipients" so you can switch between multiple prospects that are on a thread or view Related Records.

  3. Update Salesforce fields directly from Omnibar (such as Title or Opp stage) if a deal is moving through the pipeline.

  4. Create a new record if the person your emailing is not yet in Salesforce.

Pro tip: Before sending an email or jumping on a meeting, Omnibar can be used to:

  1. Check activity history for the contact and account to make sure you are up-to-date on recent engagement and any account status changes

  2. Check out opportunity notes to make sure you get brought up to speed on deal stages

  3. Add to flow: You can add leads or prospects directly to a flow from the Omnibar to follow-up with.

  4. Create an action: Create a one-off action outside of your flows to engage with your prospects

  5. Check out LinkedIn Sales Nav

Omnibar in Google Calendar

When you're viewing your Google calendar, prepping for a meeting, or inviting prospects/clients to a meeting, you can have all of the Salesforce/LinkedIn context available to you with the Omnibar:


  • Open Omnibar either in your full Calendar View, or inside an individual event

  • Hover over email addresses in the attendee list for Omnibar to update to that person's Salesforce record

  • Quickly create a contact or lead by clicking the '+' icon, if someone on the meeting is not in Salesforce yet

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