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The Groove+ mobile app brings everyday sales productivity tools directly into your team’s pocket.

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To excel in today’s hybrid selling environments, sellers need to have their workflows at their fingertips — no matter where they are.

With Groove+, sellers can bring Groove with them everywhere they work, and make sure no details fall through the cracks. Streamline meeting preparation and follow-up, increase Salesforce adoption, and access account and deal history from the road. Here’s what sellers can do with Groove+:

  • Surface key insights at the right time for easy meeting-prep

  • Update key data in Salesforce from your Inbox, computer, phone, calendar

  • Execute your daily tasks - meeting updates, notes, and next steps, all tracked and updated back to Salesforce in real-time.

Installing Groove+

  1. Users download the Groove+ App from the Apple Store (At the moment, Groove+ is only available on iOS devices.

  2. Upon download, users will be prompted to log in to their email provider used to log-in to their Groove Account - as well as their Salesforce account.

How it Works

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  • Meetings will begin to appear 1 hour before your first meeting with a client. You will only see meetings show up that have been logged from your calendar (G-Cal or Outlook Calendar) to Salesforce either through calendar background sync or by manually logging the meeting back to Salesforce. Note this means that any meetings created within Salesforce and that are not in your calendar will not populate in Groove+.

  • You will notice the Meeting change from “Prepare” to “Update” after the meeting has completed

Pre-meeting Notifications

  1. An hour before their meeting, users will receive a push notification alerting the user of the upcoming meeting and showing the event name

  2. Opening the notification will open Groove+ to the upcoming meeting, where they can review account notes and insights

Post-meeting Notifications

  1. Within 5 minutes after their meeting ends, users will receive a push notification to update Salesforce fields and meeting notes via the Groove+ app

  2. Opening the notification takes the user into the app to view their previous meetings - update fields, notes, etc.

Enabling Groove+

Users — Downloading Groove+

  1. Users download the Groove+ App from the Apple Store

  2. Upon download, users will be prompted to log in to their Groove Account.

*Admin Only* — Setting post-meeting fields

  1. After a meeting, Groove+ pulls in the fields have been configured in the Omnibar corresponding to the user’s role. The Contact, Lead, Account, and Opportunity fields are the same ones that show up in the user’s Omnibar. To configure those fields, configure the Omnibar in Manage My Org.

Using Groove+

Streamline meeting preparation

Before each meeting, users will receive a notification to prepare for the conversation by reviewing leads, contacts, activity history, and account / opportunity notes — without needing to open a laptop.

Update Salesforce in seconds

Finish your meeting and immediately receive a reminder to update Salesforce fields and add meeting notes to Salesforce. Get it done in seconds and move on.

Groove+ FAQ

Is Groove+ Available for Android?

Not in Phase 1. For phase 1 we are only building our Mobile Application for iOS. Android is on our product roadmap to be built this year.

I just logged in for the first time, why don’t I have any meetings in the app?

We only start recording events for you after your first sign-in, so you’ll probably start seeing events tomorrow (if you have meetings) or next week.

When will a user receive a push notification post meeting?

Users will receive a post-meeting push notification 5 minutes after the scheduled meeting.

When will a user receive a push notification pre meeting?

Users will receive a pre-meeting push notification one hour before the scheduled meeting.

Will you receive a meeting notification without calendar background sync on?

No, You must have calendar background sync on in order to receive and create the prepare and update push notifications.

Do internal meetings show up in Groove+?

No, internal meetings will not show up. For a meeting to show up in Groove+, it needs to be an event that is synced from your calendar back to Salesforce.

How quickly do meetings show up?

Meetings will show 1 hour before the start time of the meeting. All meetings logged within that one hour will show up, unless it’s logged less than 5 minutes before the meeting starts.

Does Groove+ use API calls?

Groove+ uses a minimal amount of API calls thanks to Groove’s Salesforce-native design.

What is MDM?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions help organizations control and distribute security policies to their employees’ mobile devices. Groove+ complies with MDM solutions.

Can I use Groove+ mobile app without a Groove license?

No, you must have a Groove license and credentials to sign in and use Groove+.

Does Groove+ work on iPad?

Yes, Groove+ works on iPad just as any iOS application does, however Groove+ does not have an iPad version at this time.

Why aren’t push notifications appearing in my app?

Users must allow Groove+ to send them push notifications in their iOS settings. On your iOS device, navigate to Settings → select the GrooveMobile app from the app list → Select Allow Notifications and make sure Lock Screen is also selected.

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