If you are using Groove Dialer, you can now record phone calls. Usually you want to record calls for training and coaching purposes. 

You can also feed call recordings to call analytics tools like ExecVision, Chorus or Gong.

Groove Setup

Call recording can be activated on a per-user basis by the Groove admin, by choosing one of the three options below: 

  • Disable Call Recording: Call recording is deactivated
  • Enable optional call recording: User can turn call recording on/off 
  • Enforce Call Recording: Call recording is enforced for every call a user makes (besides for calls made to states with two-party consent laws).

You can update call recording settings for a user by doing the following:

  1. Go here.
  2. Check the users you would like to update the settings for
  3. Click Actions | Update Call Recording Settings
  4. Pick a setting
  5.  Click Save

Salesforce Setup

When a call is recorded, Groove stores the URL of the call record internally, so it can be replayed from Groove's call analytics page. 

Alternatively, you can create a field in Salesforce called "Call Recording URL" on the Task object so Groove will automatically save the URL of the call record in that field after the user created a call log in Salesforce (using Groove Dialer).  The API name must be "call_recording_url__c" and the field type must be "URL"; the respective user must also have read/write permissions to the field.

Additional Details

Call records are always stored in "Stereo" where the left channel contains what the sales rep said and the right channel what the customer said (granted the sales rep is the person who called). Notice: if you have phone bridge enabled, Groove will not be able to record the call in stereo.

Extra costs incurred for each recorded call. This is $0.0005 (+ tax) per minute, per month. For example if you record 50 calls per day for 22 days a month and each call is 30 minutes, Groove would charge you a total of $16.50 (+ tax) for these call recordings.

Groove will delete call recordings after 60 days automatically. That way you don't have to worry about accruing costs for call recordings. If you wish to keep call recordings on file, we recommend you store the call in a dedicated repository (e.g. in Salesforce as an attachment to a call log).

Notice that when you use Groove's call recording feature, make sure that all users are aware of regulations that apply in the respective country or US state. There are a number of states that require what’s known as two-party consent, in which both parties to the call need to agree to the recording. This is

  • Prior verbal (oral) or written notification of all parties to the telephone conversation.
  • Verbal (oral) notification before the recording is made. This is the most commonly used type.
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