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How Do I Set up Email Open Tracking in Isolated Mode?
How Do I Set up Email Open Tracking in Isolated Mode?

Learn how to enable Email Open Tracking in Isolated Mode so users can track email opens

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Note: These instructions only apply if you run Groove in isolated mode. 95% of all customers don't run Groove in isolated mode - so make sure this really applies to you.

1. Create a Site

  1. From Setup, click Develop | Sites.

  2. Optional - If you don't have a domain, you will need to register one. Skip this step if you already have a domain. To register a domain:Choose a domain name. Normally, you want to just enter your company name.Click "Check Availability"Read and accept the Sites Terms of User by selecting the checkbox.Click "Register My Domain"

  3. After the registration is complete, you will be able to create a new site by clicking the "New" button.

  4. In the new Site screen, enter these values:Site Label: GrooveSite Contact: A user which the site will run under.Default Web Address: GrooveActive: CheckedActive Site Home Page: GrooveTrackerInactive Site Home Page: Leave this blankSite Template: Leave this blank

  5. Click "Save"

2. Make your tracking pixel accessible

  1. From Setup, click Develop | Sites.

  2. Click on the site label for "Groove"

  3. Click on the "Public Access Settings" button at the top

  4. Scroll down to the "Enabled Apex Class Access" section and click "Edit"

  5. Scroll through the list to find "DaScoopComposer.GrooveTrackerService"

  6. Add it to the right by clicking the little arrow in the middle.

3. Add your site URL to the Groove Custom settings

  1. From Setup, click Develop | Sites.

  2. Copy the Site URL that is listed for the site that you created in step 1. Make sure that you right click and copy it to ensure that you have the full URL.

  3. Click Develop | Custom Settings.

  4. In the list of all custom settings, find the row with the label "Groove Settings". Click "Manage" in the Action column.

  5. Click "Edit" above the section header "Default Organization Level Value".

  6. In the "Groove Settings Edit" screen, enter the Site URL you just copied into the field "Tracking URL" field.

  7. Activate the option "Enable Email Tracking" (you can set this option on an org-level, a profile-level or on a users level).

  8. Click "Save"

4. Manage Privacy

Every tracked message will be represented as a record on Salesforce using the custom object "Tracked Message". Change the visibility of the tracked message object if you would like to keep the tracked messages private.


Email tracking is now enabled for your company. Your users will now be able to track email opens. For each message sent, Groove will create a Tracked Message record in Salesforce. When a contact/prospect opens an email, Groove will create a Tracked Message Event. You can use these two custom objects to report on all your tracked messages.

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