Adding People to Flows From Gmail and Salesforce

Easily add people from the places you already work

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In this article, we will explain: 


Adding From the Gmail Omnibar

To add someone to a Flow from Gmail, simply do the following:

  • Open an email in Gmail.

  • Open the Omnibar and Select the Flows Icon (see below). 

  • Click add to Flow.


Adding From Salesforce

You can add any contact or lead whose page you are on in Salesforce:


Salesforce Classic:

You can also add multiple people to a Flow from a Salesforce List View:

  1. Go into a list view in Salesforce. The list of recently viewed contacts is below, but you can add people from any list of Contacts or Leads. 

  2. Check the people (contacts or leads) you'd like to add. 

  3. Click the Groove drop down. The number of checked people should appear in the drop down. 

  4. Click "Add to Flow." 

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