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Can I use an email alias when sending Flow emails?

Yes, you can!
To configure this, you would need to do the following: 

  1. Do the following: 

How do I delete or archive a Flow?

  1. Click on the Flow you would like to archive or delete

  2. Click the 3 vertical dots at the top right of that page

  3. Select if you would 'Delete this Flow' or 'Archive this Flow'

  4. If you delete a Flow you will not be able to recover it and it will be gone forever

  5. If you archive a Flow you can access it by selecting the following option on the Flow homepage:

How do I add an unsubscribe link to my Flow emails?

To add an unsubscribe link to your Flow emails, all you need to do is add the merge field {!Unsubscribe.Text you want to appear on the link}

Then, when customers click this link, the Email Opt out field in Salesforce will be automatically checked. 

How do I use custom phone fields in Call Steps?

If your Salesforce org has fields other than Phone, Mobile Phone, etc. and you would like to have access to those other numbers in your Groove Flow call steps, you can do the following: 

  1. Create a Call template with those additional phone fields added as merge fields. For example, if you had the custom formula field Account_Phone__c on the Contact object, you would add {!Contact.Account_Phone__c} to your call template.

  2. Use this newly created call template in all of the Call steps where you want to use these additional numbers. 

  3. Do the following to add the numbers to the call step table:

How do I know if an email was sent from a Flow in Salesforce?

Groove creates Task records in Salesforce for each email that is synced from Gmail or sent from Flow. If you'd like to know if an email was sent from a Flow, you'd need to create a new activity custom field in SFDC by doing the following:

  1. Go to Setup | Activity Custom Fields in SFDC

  2. Click 'New' to create a new field

  3. Select 'Checkbox' as the type

  4. Set the Field Label to 'Groove sent from flow'

  5. Ensure the Field Name is 'groove_sent_from_flow'

Once you have created this custom checkbox field, Groove will indicate Task records to represent a sent Flow email by checking that box. All other emails won't have that box checked. 

How can I be notified when Flow tasks are due?

If you would like to receive a daily digest letting you know which Flows have due tasks, you can do that by making sure the following is turned on here

Once the above is turned on, you'll receive an email every morning from Groove letting you know which Flows have tasks due!

Note: If you aren't seeing those emails in your inbox, you may want to check your spam filter or make sure it's not going to a different folder. You should add grooveengine@grooveapp.com to the allowlist if you want to ensure these emails are delivered to your inbox.

How do I cancel a scheduled email from sending?

If you would like to cancel an email you previously scheduled to send from a Flow, you'll need to do the following (Note: any customizations you made to this email will be lost once you cancel it):

1. Go to the Flow details page for the Flow you scheduled the email from
2. Click the 'People' tab

3. Select the step you send the email from

4. Goto the 'Outbox'

5. Check the people you would like to stop the email from sending to

6. Click 'Cancel'

After you confirm you would like to cancel those emails, those people will be placed back in the due section of your Flow.

How do I create LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps?

Note: The below requires you have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator team or individual license.

Here's how you can add LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps to your Flows:

1. Go to one of your Flows, or create a new Flow

2. Click 'New Step'

3. Choose the day you want the step to be on
4. Change the type to one of the following:

  • Connect via LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Send InMail via LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Can I CC people on Flow emails?

Yes, you can CC someone by clicking the following from within a workstep. 

Once someone is CC'd they will also automatically be CC'd on any other manual
emails within that same Flow.

Important: Currently the people you CC in email steps will not be included on any auto email steps. We do not recommend using auto email steps if you need CCs to persist across your Flow emails.

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