Why does email compliance matter?

Email compliance is not just a matter of email etiquette. In the US, per CAN-SPAM, promotional emails must tell the recipient how they can unsubscribe from further emails. This is why we have added a few different unsubscribe features to Groove Flow that allow recipients to opt-out of further email communication, with just one mouse click. 

We do this by giving you the option to add an unsubscribe link to Flow emails. If recipients click this link, the SFDC field "Email Opt Out"(this can be customized, see below) on the respective Lead or Contact record will be checked/set to true .

Configuring on the Groove Team Level

Here's how you can make it so all Flow emails coming from a specific Groove team have an unsubscribe link appended to them:

  1. Go here
  2. Click Teams
  3. Create a new team if you don't already have one, or click the arrow next to an existing team.
  4. Check the option Include Unsubscribe Link in emails

Now, all Flow emails this team sends, will have a link that says 'Click here to unsubscribe.'  added to the end of the email.

Adding on a Per Template Basis

You can also have people add an unsubscribe link to their templates, by having them add the following merge field: {!Unsubscribe.Click here to unsubscribe.}

Configuring For Your Entire Organization

If you would like it so Groove adds an unsubscribe link to all emails sent from Flow, please contact our support team at support@groove.co

Flow Protections

Groove also prevents people from sending Flow emails to any Lead/Contact that has the 'Email Opt Out' field in Salesforce checked/set to true. This helps keep your company compliant and makes it so you don't frustrate anyone who asked to not be contacted by you anymore.

Using a Custom Opt Out Field

Sometimes, another team or application will be using the standard email opt out field in SFDC, and in that case you may want to have Groove use a different field for managing email opt outs.

Groove can be configured to look at and update any custom checkbox field in Salesforce. If this checkbox is checked, Groove will prevent users from sending Flow emails to these individuals.

When a lead/contact clicks on an unsubscribe link in one of your users emails, Groove will attempt to update that same checkbox and check it.

To get a custom opt out field set up, please email support@groove.co with the API name of your custom checkbox field on leads and contacts (note, these names can be the same or different).

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