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Salesforce lead-to-account matching with Groove

Written by Tom Stevenson
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Salesforce's contact object has a parent relationship to the account object. But the lead object has no relationship to the account object. When an inbound lead is not automatically associated with the matching account record, you run the risk of losing business potential. Considering inbound leads as an account engagement signal is a typical feature of account-based sales.

Groove includes a high-fidelity lead matching algorithm that can match leads to their related accounts based on email domain, company name, or website. This allows the account owner to monitor lead activity on their accounts, and maximize their outreach potential. Groove establishes a many-to-many relationship between the Lead and the Account object through a custom object called "Lead Match".

In order to activate and utilize Groove's Lead-to-Account matching, please follow the directions below.

Note: after configuring Lead Matching for your Salesforce org, please reach out to support@grooveapp.com, as we need to make an additional modification to your account on our end for this to work.

  • Make sure you have Account Based Sales Features enabled (open the tab "Account-based Sales" in this page and enable the option "Account Status Detection".

  • On the lead page layout(s) add the related list "Matching Accounts" and add these columns: Match Type, Account, Account Owner, Account Status (Inferred), Convert; then remove the New button

  • On the account page layout(s) add the related list "Matching Leads" and add these columns: Match Type, Lead, Lead Owner, Lead Source, Lead Status, Lead Created Date, Convert; set the sort order to Lead Created Date - Descending, and remove the New button.

Notice: Groove will not match leads by email domain if the email address of the lead is a freemailer domain such as gmail.com, msn.com, icloud.com, etc. Such leads will only be matched based on company name.

Notice: Groove will not match leads if the email address of the lead is on your domain blocklist. Such leads are considered test records.

Real-time versus Scheduled Matching

By default, Groove scans your Salesforce org every 60 minutes for new lead matches. If you want Groove to match leads instantly when they are created/updated, you can set up a process builder workflow that triggers the lead matching job directly. In order to do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a process builder workflow on the Lead object

  2. Choose between the options "only when a record is created" and
    "when a record is created or edited" depending on whether you need the lead matcher to run when the lead is created or when the lead is updated too.

  3. As Condition select "No criteria—just execute the actions!" or select a condition if required by your process.

  4. Create an "immediate action" of type "Apex" and find the Apex class "Match Lead to Account".

  5. Set the Apex variable "leadIDs" and assign the value "[Lead].id" via a Field Reference.

  6. Hit Save and Activate in order to enable the workflow.

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