Removing People From Flows

All the ways to remove people from your Flows

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There are various ways to remove people from your Flows, and to make it easier for you, Groove allows you to do so from pretty much everywhere that you're already working: in Gmail, Salesforce, and Groove!

From the Flow

You can remove contacts from a specific flow by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the "Flows" tab on the left and select the flow you would like to remove people from

  2. Select the "People" tab under the search bar
  3. Click on the check box next to each person's name who you want to remove
  4. After you have selected at least one person, click on "Remove" to remove them from the flow

Note: People removed from flows will still be saved in your Contacts list

From a Groove Flow Step

If you are in a Groove Flow step, click on the "X" icon next to a contact you want to remove

From the Omnibar

  1. Hover over a contact in Groove to highlight them on the Groove Omnibar

  2. Go to the Groove tab on the Omnibar (infinity symbol)

  3. Select the flow you want to remove the person from. A trash can icon will appear

  4. Click the trash can icon to remove the person from that particular flow

Note: You can only remove people from flows that you own

From Salesforce

  1. In a Salesforce contact page, Click on the small blue Groove button (infinity symbol)

  2. . Find the flow you want to remove the person from and click the trash can icon next to the name of the flow

Note: You can only remove people from flows you own

Alternatively, Groove allows you to remove a contact from all active flows. 

  1. Navigate to the 'People' tab in the Groove bar and you will be shown a list of all contacts

  2. Check the contact that you wish to remove

  3. Select "Remove From all Active Flows" from the "Actions" menu on the right

When you book a meeting or close a deal with an Account, you most likely want to remove everyone from that Account from all of your Flows. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Accounts page in Groove 

  2. Search for the account by name

  3. Click the account row

4. This will bring you to the list of people within the account
5. Check all of the people in the account
6. Click Remove from all active Flows

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