Pause All Your Actions When You Go On Vacation

Learn how to adjust Groove Flow settings to pause all of your Flows until the day you're back from vacation:

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If you're heading out of the office for some time, you want to make sure that your Flows, Plays and Actions are not continuing to be automated while you're out. Within your user settings Flow Settings, you can choose to pause all of your Action Due Dates until the day you're back from vacation:

What does it mean when my Flows are paused?

  • All people will freeze right where they are in your active flows. If they are not yet due in a step, they will not move to that step until you resume your flows

  • Auto-send steps will not be sent out, so that emails are not sending when you're out of the office and unable to respond

  • You are still able to manually execute any flow actions, whether it's sending emails, making calls, or any other flow activity you'd like to do

While your flows are paused, you'll see a notice of this on your Groove Homepage and in your Groove Flows page. You can resume your flows from either of these pages, or back in your settings:



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