Groove OmniDialer is a next-generation dialer that is lightning-fast, reliable and easy-to-use. The first sales engagement platform dialer that is a desktop application, Groove OmniDialer provides a consistent solution that fits seamlessly within any workflow.

Groove OmniDialer enables reps and managers to understand what is resonating in their messaging to help increase conversions and have more meaningful conversations.

  • Click-to-call from any webpage. Reps can click to call from any webpage, boosting call-volume and shaving hours off of research time.

  • Lightning-fast, reliable and easy-to-use. Eliminate time wasted on manual dialing and wrong numbers, and increase every reps’ dialing potential.

  • Driving better outcomes without added work. Trust that every business call, SMS, and account note is automatically captured and logged back to Salesforce so you and your team have complete visibility into activity levels and what’s driving results.

To transition from the Groove Extension Dialer to the new Groove OmniDialer - Please reach out to

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