Global Action Pausing

Learn to pause Groove Actions settings automatically in response to out-of-office schedules and your internal Holiday calendars.

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Your customers’ Out of Office schedules and Holiday calendars can make managing Flows a bit tedious. We understand the headache that these can cause, so Groove is provides you with two features that will pause your Actions automatically in these situations.


  1. Automatic Out-of-Office Pausing- Automatically pause prospects who are out of office, and pick up where you left off when they're back

  2. Holiday Pausing - Set up Flows to be paused during your company’s holidays!


Automatic Out-of-Office Pausing

When sending emails, you may receive automatic replies from folks who are out of the office, on vacation, at a conference, etc. In these situations, you don't want to continue sending that person emails or other touches while they are out. Groove can help with this situation by automatically pausing your actions generated from Flows and Plays when an OOO reply is detected.

Admin Configuration

  1. In Manage My Org, go to Global Pausing

  2. Enable Out of Office Detection

  3. Choose the number of days that a person is paused for when Groove detects that they are OOO

How it Works

  1. You send an email to a contact or lead

  2. You receive an auto-reply from the prospect stating that they are OOO (Groove captures many combinations of OOO messages, so most will be caught in our OOO detection)

  3. Once this happens, Groove automatically pauses that person in all of the flows or plays they are in within your organization, for the number of days that your admin has configured.

  • If the person is active in many flows, that person will be paused in all of them

  • If the person is in any of your teammates' flows, they will be paused in those flows as well

3a. In the Flow itself, you can see in the People section who is paused, as well as whether it is due to an "Out of Office Detected" or because you "Manually Paused" them.

3b. If you know they are returning to the office sooner than they are set to resume, you can manually resume them via the People tab in the flow, or from your Omnibar.

4. Once they are resumed, either after the amount of days has passed or after you have manually resumed the person, you can continue reaching out to them. If you receive another OOO message, Groove will pause them again following the same rules as above.


Holiday Pausing

Holidays that organizations have set up throughout the year can negatively impact the engagement of any message sent during those times. Fortunately, we’ve made it a lot easier to avoid this scenario. You can configure Flows and Plays to be automatically paused during a company’s holidays, so your team doesn’t have to lift a finger!

**Note** Auto-send email steps will be paused and Flows and Plays that normally generate actions will be paused during the holiday dates. Users will not be able to resume Flows or Plays, but they will be able to execute manual send Actions if they wish.

Admin Configuration

  1. Click "+ Add a Holiday"

  2. Name your Holiday and Select the dates you want the Holiday to last from. Ex. If you select Christmas from 12/25 to 1/05, the Flows will be unpaused on the 5th.

  3. Add the Teams whose Flows need to be paused during the Holiday.

  4. If all Teams need to be paused, leave the Add Team field blank and all Plays and Flows across the organization will be paused

  5. To edit the Holiday click the pencil icon

  6. To delete the Holiday click the trashcan icon

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